Grey's Anatomy (S7)
Master Chef

Gray by Pete Wentz
In Cold Blood

they got my dick message!
“To die, to sleep—no more—and by a sleep to say we end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to!”

~hiatus; England is calling.~


P U M P I N   B L O O D  | “Cause it’s your heart, it’s alive, it’s pumpin blood”- 13 upbeating songs to boost your mood and get you cheerfully through the day. [listen] [download] [alternative download]

I. budapest - George Ezra | II. the love club - Lorde | III. end of the world - Hunter Hunted | IV. sleeping with a friend - Neon Trees | V. pumpin blood - NONONO | VI. make a move - Gavin DeGraw | VII. happier - Teddy Geiger | VIII. coming of age - Foster The People  | IX. happy ending - The Strokes | X. internet killed the video star - The Limousines |  XI. heart to heart - James Blunt | XII. chocolate - The 1975 | XIII. give it away - The Fray 

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Pawnee: first in friendship, fourth in obesity.

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I'm-- I'm allergic to jerks!

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That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.


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